Vocore SuperNub First aid kitthis site is UNDER CONSTRUCTION dude, mate, whatever, so is the css and styling without flahs or givzses, ARE YOU PAYING ME? then shut up
  1. i am not bob the plumber, just received my vc2 ultimate, plug it , it doesnt show in hotspots and i see one yellow led shining steady
  2. YAY, i has purple led and hotspot, yet when i google connect vocore i'm stuck at muppets and occult electricians magic
  3. Well i dont know what im doing but if i dont ill never find out. I have been tinkering in LUCI (web-interface) after i finally got on there and now everything is gone, no hotspot
  4. The next day i take it out of the box where i left it, plug it in the charger. Vocore2 in hotspot shows, cant connect
  5. I seem to have gotten to a milestone point where it actually connects when i want to, now what ?
  6. i know you guys had fun in the stone-age with 64kb and all but i dont really get there with 128mb, that sd-slot ?
  7. its a cool little thingy and all but i need more packages than i got space, how do install them to the sd-card, speed is not the issue, space is
  8. now for easy access would b cool if can map folder across the whole lan
  9. ready for a'scriptn but i dont really like to store my psw in textfiles
  10. having motion (detection) call remote script via ssh still requires psw
  11. i keep getting complaints about broken pipes and bob the plumber can't find a leak
  12. madplay eats the last word of my mp3s
  13. if it can bounce to this, then it can bounce to that, internet radio?
  14. ifffmfjpemfg accepts a stream i can stream generated images to it?
  15. ash script variable to lowercase without messing with config