09/20/2017 11:38:17 pm
ERROR : not found

"trust no one, especially here
how could i until i know who put that sd card where, and then there's still the matter of how i got stuck back here, anonymous inbreeds calling uncle po that im looking at a car ... el shitpantso and friends do the 101 barz dance and set me up when im the only one talking back, some retard with no face using a 1%er logo on youtube to threaten me AND SO ON, the stories i hear about me are a bit ... Slightly, well totally hilarious if it werent for the fact that inbreed yokels get down with that
SO ... croquettes everywhere, even in the multidimensional restaurant ... but ive been cooking so much the past weeks i have ZERO space left to stash it
it seems to be all i do since that doesnt require thinking. This hellhole wakes me up at rising housewives, i dont get enough sleep all i do is slouch and zombie and force myself to cook and clean
not very satisfactory
the answer is not : "a oeër af en go masjen" cos the answer to that is "you owe me a decade of life and every cent i didnt make since the day you stuck me here so do you have my money bitch ?"
so i guess the croquettes will have to wait and im gonna have to eat, eat, eat
before i cook cook cook, im too stuffy and hazy in my head to do anything else so i guess its all about staying trapped in hellgium in a cell with bars made of no money

09/20/2017 11:21:00 pm
ERROR : not found

"trust no one, especially here,
how could i unless i know who put that sd-card where?
oh boy, i hope the dude wasn't trying to incognito find out what i thought cos i said what i thought ... o boy, o boy
well its true isnt it, 90% of "youtubers" get to attention whoring for clicks by breaking stuff down, easiest thing ever it's like being the opposition party, you don't need to be constructive, you need no plans, no talents, nothing, you just pick something and hack on it
which probably goes for 90% of all self-proclaimed "critics" ... its a bit like people calling themselves "artist" .... they want a) attentio and b) to sell you something
well maybe i lost a friend there xD but i strongly believe we can't all get along so its best to be up-front is it not
and whats more i got bigger concerns than youtube attention whores

09/20/2017 09:32:27 pm
ERROR : not found

"trust no one
especially here, now could i until i know who put that sd card where?
yes i heard you AGAIN houseghost, horeca, right ? is that image recognition cos i dont eat out ?
how do you see me do that with my two sleep periods a day and my sore fucking back, neck and knees ?
all your suggestions have one effect : make me angry ...
you owe me over a decade and every cent i didnt make since the day you put me here
so do you have my money, bitch?
cos here will be a broken record until i get out and if it doesn't get me to Asia with my cat its not worth the effort
fact is, i was doing FINE getting whre i had to be, positioning, and then suddenly one day i was here
and since i havent had a day of life, im even down to one cat
i'll just repeat it since you HAVE to be demented to repeat yourself like that
it wont happen here
what i do know is the past week everything here has conspired to wake me up at rising housewives, thats probably cos i explicitly wait til rising chickens to get to bed
cos thats what works for me, but not if it wakes me at nine, what's up with nine ? its not even a prime number?
rising chickens ? little shits ?
housewives ? DOESNT WORK FOR ME, I NEED MY RYTHM, MY LIFE, MY CHOICES, otherwise not my problem and not my consequences
and fuck you
and fuck you
and you ,and them and them
demented nazi inbreed fucking yokel shit-ass backward hellhole

09/20/2017 05:28:57 pm
ERROR : not found

"trust no one ...
how could i until i find out who put that sd card where ?
don't tell me what to do, say or don't, and don't tell me how to and how not to, you don't get to anything, do you have my money bitch ?
every cent i didnt make since the day you stuck me here? plus intrest ?
the pain is getting worse, but im sure the doctor wont find shit, i sleep two times a day but that's cos im lazy
you don't to jack fucking shit except balls from me retard, do you have my money bitch ? you owe me a decade of life, you ruined my life, my future and my dreams, i havent had one day worth remembering since the day you stuck me back in hickville with your nazi shithole flanders fuckfest
inbreed bastards, fucking yokels
DONT TELL ME WHAT TO, AND DONT TELL ME WHAT NOT TO, i aint listening, you left nothing to threaten me with ... if it doesnt get me to asia with my cats its not worth the effort
and i have only one left
tick ... tock ..

09/20/2017 02:51:45 pm
ERROR : not found

"trust no one ...
how could i until i find out who put that sd card where ?
few things in life are 100% predictable, none are, but you get close there, precious, wednesday ... no nonono, every no makes baby jesus kill a puppy, you know that, right?
i don't owe jack fucking shit to anyone but revenge to anyone responsible for sticking me back in hickville, ruining my life, my future and my dreams.
help ? i don't wanna help ... unless you have my money ? every cent i didnt make since the day you pinned me back here ? ruining my life, my future and my dreams, and all i worked for for YEARS there ? for the xteenth time
the money, so i can move to asia with my cats, of which i have one left, the clock is ticking like a broken record
so do you have it ? cos if you don't there's nothing to expect from me. Once i'm there and have my OWN life back, then MAYBE
after a few years, i'll go looking for my giveafuck
until then _|_

09/19/2017 01:25:36 am
ERROR : not found

"trust no one ...
how could i until i find who put that sd card where?
no i left the house for an hour yesterday, it didnt mysteriously re-appear
diversity in tech industry ... as bullshit as in politics ... positive bias is bias, positive disrimination is discrimination
you go for balance on gender and pigment ? sexual orientation and how about we need as many obese as we need anorexics
you get left behind by those who hire without bias, the right wo/man for the right job on the right spot at the right time

09/18/2017 10:29:33 am
ERROR : not found

"trust no one ...
well i left the house and i havent checked the corners yet
Yay eggs ... room for croquettes now , kroket too ... see thing is i found the hidden juice, its a nice gesture but here's the thing i can dose myself unless i get surprises i didnt ask for i can dose myself perfectly pace myself, all that you confuse wanting as usua
i'm serious about the croquettes though, ive been aching for some of my selfmade croquettes
can't beat that ... petatten van the man en homemade croquettes ...
but not now

09/18/2017 08:30:07 am
ERROR : not found

"trust no one ...
how could i until i find my sd card and who put it where
hipocrisy made paramount, paranoia the law
or kaas , lijmen en het been ?
its 2017, i am made of others peoples words too, its just i dont repeat them
i incorporate
i'm the least of my brethren even if i have none since the bubble universe constist of nothing but rudyards cats
schroEdingz0r is so passé ... you never know wether there's beer in the fridge until you open it
i can link that to an erudite too, but i prefer to let you say something first
we are all Kosh
i'm sorry i have to be somewhere
with my cats
before i'm 40
so, these timelines ... have you fucked off yet or invented that time machine ?

09/18/2017 07:46:05 am
ERROR : not found

"mh, still needs supermarkets im afraid i can't synthesize catfood from zip
tell me , YOU THERE, not you there ofcourse
are you gonna change into one of those people who tells me what i should be wanting ?
cos i had plenty of those and they never made anything better
yess, well, know how i always say they want to burn the witch since normals are easy to read ... there's no telepathy about
its 2017, your idea of impact is a fist in someones face, as if your name was Trump-has-drones talking to Korea ?
you also think a "meme" is a picture of a puppy with a funny bit of lettering on it
well then .. i rest my case in this particular case

09/18/2017 01:02:00 am
ERROR : not found

"trust no one ...
how could i when i havent found who took my sd card or moved it where while i wasnt here
no one here ... and again, i doubt zee germans, the russians or the chinese flew over just to do that
all this "please wait" and "be patient" is giving me the kneejerk reaction like when people go "but i work" as an excuse for not doing anything or looking down ?
i WAS patient, i was doing fine getting out of here, no one would have to see me again in hickville, EVER
so the leverage went to the point where there was one thing i was afraid of "being stuck in hellgium after i turned 40"


shit from me ?
i did not sign up, i did not agree, i did not draw straws, i was , am, and never will be part of anything you set up, what i was was doing fine getting out of hell, even after ALL you did to me already, AND YOU FUCKED THAT
i got nothing but vitriol and revenge in this place, retard
you ruined my life, my future and my dreams, fuck your shit

09/17/2017 06:21:37 pm
ERROR : not found

"trust no one, how could i unless i find who put that sd card where ?
you think it was the chinese ? or the russians? flew over to get into my bedroom while i wasnt there?
DUDE, BITCH, you're the most moronic entities in the observable universe
I think i'm gonna change that? no , retard, i WAS DOING WHAT I LIKE, I WAS DOING WHAT IM GOOD AT, personal life wasnt all that but that was bearable since i had purpose and direction
i wasnt gonna change anything but alleviate and help along the process, sociology is nothing for mere mortals, DIMWIT
it doesnt speak in years, AT BEST it speaks in several generations, AT THE VERY BEST AND SHORTEST
YOU FUCKED THAT, i aint going back to school im too old and you made me lose my giveafuck
you know what i want, i still want what i always wanted and have wanted for more than half my life, if i cant have that, nothings worth the effort, how thick can that skull be ?

09/17/2017 06:14:14 pm
ERROR : not found

"Say ... did you use like, deep learning on data gathered from normals to try and write a brainwashing routine for me, thats how life feels here, since here, ALL THE TIME
i got me a new quote by me : ... its hardly a quote its a paragraph
When people said : "You cant have it all" in their flemish way of thinking i USED TO say "Its hard to have it all at once..." but i came to realize ... Platos cave has no physical dimension, perception is reality. Most people are happy with other people having less, which to me is somewhat hard to get by as a state of mind Most people want jack fucking shit but to be told what to do and have no responsibility, to be told what to buy and to be told when to be sold Most have a vision that never gets beyond the front door unless they have a front lawn Even more have no clue what the colour of the other side is of that desk they spend the best part of their life on or what its like NOT to be inside that factory all day SO its pretty easy to have it all if thats all you want complacence, they inbred it into the local genes thats why i am a mutant part of it at least, thats why i'll never fit in
"weaponcrusher" ? really are you inventing words again ?
i had " a job" , you fucked it, i was getting a life, and far away from here
here will never be since i can not be me
and that's it
system error, time to format c:

09/17/2017 05:07:27 am
ERROR : not found

"woaw, LINE gets 1 star rating for being a (cr)App user experience, factory reset, i cant even log back in with the same phone number on the same phone with my unique ID
on top of that i think it just botched a new contact as well, i clearly saw "CLAIRE" request ... or is that old nazi van drukkerland knowing whats good for me and thinking i need to make friends HERE
not happening ...
this place was dead to me when i was 15, im 45 next year, you think you're gonna change that ??

09/17/2017 12:09:26 am
ERROR : not found

"trust no one ...
how could i until i find who put it where, why is pretty much fucking irrelevant if anyone got into my fucking bedroom while i wasnt there
and no thats not it, thats 16gb card, and if that were it there would be NO explanation on why it would be there and not where i specifically put it so as to not be able to even in the slightest be confused by those who would
you seem to take it lightly ? i take home invasion as lightly as being threatened at my door, it doesnt just 'go away' ...

09/16/2017 05:24:21 pm
ERROR : not found

"trust no one ...
especially not here, how can i until i find back what's taken, who did it or who moved it ... not to mention how my passport got here almost ten years ago
so , trust no one ..
one more show ? did you pay me for the others cos i never signed up so you owe me damages on top of that, a decade of life and every cent i didnt make since the day you put me here.
i was doing fine, you fucked my life, my future and my dreams and i havent had one day of life worth mentioning since
or have you fucked off yet, i dont owe anybody jack fucking SHIT BUT REVENGE

09/16/2017 04:04:38 pm
ERROR : not found

"trust no one ...
how can i unless i know who did it or who moved it where ?
writing against anxiety hm, scientifically proven, ... in that ole depression clinic 12 years ago it was more or less common practice to be given "writing exercises" in ergo if you didnt know what to do, so they were just alchemists then?

09/16/2017 03:05:10 am
ERROR : not found

"trust no one ...
especially in hickville where sd cards disappear from my bedroom
this is funny btw :

You are free to share this article under the Attribution 4.0 International license.
thats like yay lucky me, right, not lucky YOU that i would actually take time to post a link to it, so if thats not on it, i get hauled off to Estonian copyright guantanamo or what?
or maybe someone has some threats ? drive-by scooters or something ? tjoepeflikkenbak or else ?
cos there's nothing left of my life, i still dont see what you're aiming at
i can't do ANYTHING i want while im stuck in hellgium
you misinterpreted something i think

09/16/2017 01:44:16 am
ERROR : not found

"trust no one ...
there IS no going for my goals in this hellhole , RETARD, ARE YOU DEAF


i WAS going for my goals, i was doing fine, i found myself here one month after my passport appeared here
at a fucking police station,
i havent had a day of life singe, only stasis
stop trying to phase me, threatening me with death or your phone is bigger or dick is small or WHATEVER that moneysuit jockstrap motivation shit goes like
and i bet people like me since i'm clearly not alone in the world you fucking

09/15/2017 05:58:35 pm
ERROR : not found

"trust no one ...
well how could i trust anyone until i know where that sd card is ?
this is no life retard, how can it be a way of life

09/15/2017 05:51:19 pm
ERROR : not found

"trust no one ...
well how could i trust anyone until i know where that sd card is ?
mh, that again ? the sex-thing? which i said wont ever happen while im stuck here ? might actually never happen again if i'm too old to enjoy life by the time i get out, or too dead inside ... whichever comes first..
the objective is to lure women huh
first of all that sounds distasteful like dating site pr0ndicks looking for STD's
second, how do you link my aversion towards authority with me to any kind of military structure if thats what you're trying to communicate
i bet i sound crazy again
GOOD! in that case you should know better than to poke the crazy tiger in the cage with bars made of no money

09/15/2017 05:43:11 pm
ERROR : not found

"trust no one ...
well how could i trust anyone until i know where that sd card is ?
that should make sense even to the likes of YOU
who put me in charge?
in charge of what exactly
besides nobody's in charge and free speech is absolute
i know you don't understand that, that's you're a fossil
free flow of information and self-regulating community is what you'll have to face in the next epoch
you can not control, control is an illusion it's limited to the amount of energy you have access too and of that you can only control a VERY small portion so you're already done for
nobody's in charge , doesn't mean i can ever let go of the fact that every second i had to spend here, is a second of life i'll never get back
so forget about everything you try or tried, i dont GIVE A SHIT AS LONG AS IM STUCK HERE MY LIFES ALREADY OVER

09/15/2017 05:12:31 pm
ERROR : not found

"trust no one ...
am i free ?
that's a joke i suppose ?
this whole place has been a prison, sitting in a cell with bars made of no money since the day the mysteriously appearing passport teleported 30km
SO, spare me the fucking retarded inbreed suit control freak hiding pisspants piece of shit humour
when you see me smiling you should look into my eyes to see the truth

09/15/2017 05:02:42 pm
ERROR : not found

"trust no one ...
where would i be going ... its friday, im broke, there's no trains out of here
i said over a decade i wanted out of Europe, i was not the only one who saw this coming
and thats still the only thing
if it doesn't get me to Asia with my cat its not worth the efforts
save your threats, therer's nothing left to threaten me with, as long as im stuck here my life's already over, i havent had a day of life since
fun does not exist here, nor will love ever again
i'm not even sure i'm capable of that versus sapients anymore
i'll find out when i'm out of here

09/15/2017 04:17:37 pm
ERROR : not found

"trust no one ...
"guidelines" in order to enforce the will of the united lobbies ... sounds like soviet europe to me all right
have you fucked off yet?
i hope nobody's expecting anything, as if they shouldnt have since the day you dumped me back here in hickville, there is no me here, nothing to expect, nothing left to threaten me with, and all your guidelines have already come to naught, there you go throwing tax euros in the gutter again, while real people are real poor
next up : estonia gets to censor the whole internet anyway
in the name of what about the nazis ofcourse
and terrerizm
have you fucked off yet ? futile rich blind bastard fuck ? you dont see anything yet you have eyes everywhere
have you fucked off yet? any threat i'll double up as if my name was Soong
have you fucked off yet? have you fucked off yet
i'm tired, normal people at normal hours doing normal shit cos that is how its done keep me tired, im a zombie
thats why i wouldnt come back here, but i had to cos mysterously appearing passports and no reasons given
in soviet belgium police is the state
have you fucked off yet?
have you fucked off yet?
have you fucked off yet?

09/15/2017 01:19:32 pm
ERROR : not found

"trust no one ...
i was sleeping SO good ... two hours from a full cycle, but van drukkerland says rising chickens en des noenens moet men warrem eten
the day is dead already

09/15/2017 02:49:57 am
ERROR : not found

"trust no one ....
well woaw , colour me impressed, im bored, lets go do neuroscience and create non-invase bmi ..
OFCOURSE ... who wouldnt come up with that :p ... having the edge over titans like musk b/c of the neuroscience degree hm
by the end of the article what amazes me most is how you fit that much brain into one room without getting a clash of ego resulting in a nuclear chain reaction levelling the building
colour me impressed ... THATS what i call startups O_o

09/15/2017 01:54:49 am
ERROR : not found

"trust no one ....
i think i found my next item on the list of failures who prove my unwavering belief that the norm is but a petri-dish to feed the freaks, and its the weirdows, the ab-normals and the freaks who cause the friction that is needed in order for any kind of change to happen ... evolution by mutation, change by outsiders and , lol, failures, up there with bill gates, and starbucks and rawling, and (hip now again) stephen king and the list goes on, and on .. and on ... and on ... too cool for school, i dont count myself nearly on the kardashev level of a guy like that, but its one of the few regrets i have, that i didnt quit school sooner, i literally wasted years there that got me nothing
quote : Reardon grew up in New Hampshire as one of 18 children in a working class family. He broke from the pack at age 11, learning to code at a local center funded by the local tech giant, Digital Equipment Corporation. “They called us ‘gweeps,’ the littlest hackers,” he says. He took a few courses at MIT, and at 15, he enrolled at the University of New Hampshire. He was miserable—a combination of being a peach-fuzz outsider and having no money. He dropped out within a year. “I was coming up on 16 and was, like, I need a job,” he says.
Reardon ... i hope he gets it where he wants it, that shits too cool to be true :p

09/15/2017 01:34:46 am
ERROR : not found

"trust no one ..
brains, you say ?
quote : The person leading this effort is a talented coder with a strategic bent, who has led big corporate initiatives—and left it all for a while to become a neuroscientist.
and left it all for a while to become a neuroscientist like mwell, im bored what should i do
brains ... revisit your views

09/14/2017 05:11:09 pm
ERROR : not found

"trust no one ...
sirens in the deep ... people using 1%er logos to threaten me on youtube ... i don't give a shit what happens in this town ... if you didnt stick me here i would have had a life , FAR away and that's it
so in the meantime, flanders, plz to fuck off k thx
i'll get there sooner or later
doorbell turned off again, i'm not expecting anyone and no one is invited. Be careful not to be mistaken for trespassers ... after all, with the threats, i can't be sure and safe enough :)

09/14/2017 02:34:28 am
ERROR : not found

"so i'll euh
put on a movie or something and hope none of the people i talk to get scared cos your bullshit is frustrating

09/14/2017 02:33:50 am
ERROR : not found

"desôte the yokel shit, that sd card is still missing and i for one didnt take it
other than that...
i get it bro
no one wants to relinquish control even if we think we dont have any
it doesnt matter who took my shit
what matters is it happened here
no one said anything
no one prevented it
so there's no one here i can trust
even if you crucify the scapegoat the only conclusion i can make is
you did it before
you might do it again
there's no one here to trust

09/14/2017 01:30:44 am
ERROR : not found

"ah neanderthal
well its mine

i dont mind you doing business
but you'll keep it clean cos im not really the cop-calling type
thats not an understanding thats a statement

09/14/2017 01:25:25 am
ERROR : not found

"i dont know caballeros, im asking them
im sure someone will have the balls to give a straight answer

09/14/2017 01:24:11 am
ERROR : not found

"have you found your friend yet?

the one thats been threatening me with logos and colours
or is that part of uncle po and local nazi schemes ?

09/14/2017 01:21:34 am
ERROR : not found

"these people dont give a shyte about your money , masstah
it doesnt matter how you bling or what rims you got on your diamond car
i doubt they'll give a shit
but you're happy with nailpolish girl
and my-phone-is-bigger-than-yours-boy
cos they teamplayers , right?

09/14/2017 01:18:49 am
ERROR : not found

"well i dont do that candy ass shit

hey girl
what do you want?
im sure you're gonna tell me something because if you dont i will tell you what i want and you might get
i dont give a shit, i dont have a car either
last time i said "i never fucked a moroccan girl' ... last time SHE said "i wanna kiss you NOW"
i dont really know the script

09/14/2017 01:09:51 am
ERROR : not found

if i ever fucked yo momma im sure she wont complain about it, im a very giving person
even witout a pr0n dick she chose to fuck me more than your daddies wallet
so ... thats not what this was about, kid, i am not your father
i dont want fucking human spawn until i get to mars
plenty of room there
you'd sign up for it, right
beats dying in the dust of old age

09/14/2017 01:05:57 am
ERROR : not found

"uf you belive it
it can happen
the exact definition of god
so do
or fuck off
the resource and energy is right fucking here
you wanna live and die working for a brick pile
thats a choice
but theres other choices
what you lack
is respect

09/14/2017 01:04:11 am
ERROR : not found

"that concludes the lesson for the day
looking for peopàe to support musk willing to move to mars

09/14/2017 12:58:16 am
ERROR : not found

"nothing to talk about really
i wanna talk to people? i find them and ask if they wanna
then they say yes or no

09/14/2017 12:55:24 am
ERROR : not found

"i doubt you will impress any of the aforementioned by having more money or my phone is bigger than yours
welcome to the world

09/14/2017 12:54:02 am
ERROR : not found

"where does anyone get the money to fund anti-establishment shit like that?
i dont know, have you seen any of it since bitcion was around ? they're too busy being criminals i guess

09/14/2017 12:51:23 am
ERROR : not found

"well this is not america, nigger
im sure they wont like me using words either
they didnt grow beyond that yet

09/14/2017 12:49:45 am
ERROR : not found

"thats not alt-left
thats extreme left, it seems i dont get banned for that
but id like to un-box them anyway

09/14/2017 12:46:16 am
ERROR : not found

"euroculture? well its not 101 barz is it
im not sure if they're european at al, first had them at dhour, like 25 years ago
it goes a way back
its global, but they like anti-global
its a paradox since they're as global as global can be
but you dont know them do you

09/14/2017 12:43:41 am
ERROR : not found

"but they'll listen to him
more than they would to the dog
its just
not even the dog wants to control
its hard to get, isnt it, precious, i love having no degrees, im not sure about the record but that just got born out of necessity, i wont apologize for that
there's worlds within worlds
most ideas get stolen, not born from my phone is bigger than yours boy

09/14/2017 12:41:46 am
ERROR : not found

"i know you dont get it
you ask the man hes gonna tell you ordering people around is the last thing he wants after exposure
no need when you got skillz up yo mommas ass
hard to get isnt it, precious ?

09/14/2017 12:39:31 am
ERROR : not found

"isnt it always a history lesson
liespotting taught me einsein was a badass
its impossible to not interpret

a very lousy choice there, the classic black flag got adopted by a somewhat more unsavoury organisation who has had the best propgagande machine in recorded history so far
showing a gun in the clip was also bad judghment btw
i dont give a shit is not something you can say when you wanna be public
thats up to people like Amir

09/14/2017 12:35:07 am
ERROR : not found

"i'm impartial its just hard to find "indepenendt control freaks"
see ... the right side claims to be the working class so when you get to mars and you stick to the classics
then thats where they gonna be

09/14/2017 12:33:40 am
ERROR : not found

"they're still the people you want on your side , guv
but "please" is hard for you isnt it

09/14/2017 12:32:26 am
ERROR : not found

alec's a frontline dog
im using symbols here even if you wont get many alecs or taaqis in one generation

09/14/2017 12:30:51 am
ERROR : not found

"alec stands to dog like taaqi stands to pack leader
not quite
alecs a dog, dangerous when left unchecked, taaqi wants nothing more than to be invisible, but he can't stand to lose i can tell you that much from my uneducated mommas ass
but i think you should have them both
taaqi doesnt need a title, he gets respect
it something you wouldnt understand
in a million years
thats why mars is better

09/14/2017 12:27:01 am
ERROR : not found

"i dont know ,
if you can find him at all if he's still alive cos you know people who go fighting wars and shit cos they believe in what they do might get terminated too soon
i dont think you should appeal to the title or the wage
you should 'ask' if theres anything you can help with cos he and she probably has better ideas going than you ever had in your life
its my serious conviction, yes,
not my "convction" just the conviction on that part of your world

09/14/2017 12:22:30 am
ERROR : not found

"yea thats the thing, taaqi has a name
something im sure ha's been trying to avoid
but he too cool for his surroundings so his resonance will verb
see ?
still i think thats the people you want
they could care less about how much you pay them or why you wanna be called 'sir" they outclass you, me and anyone by half a kardashev scale AND
well lets first get to mars then

09/14/2017 12:18:56 am
ERROR : not found

"they're out of the box, used to making the most of limited resources, given a base petri dish to feed on i cant think of any better
sounds stone cold
but sustainability is colder

09/14/2017 12:17:45 am
ERROR : not found

"i'm a CAT alyst, i can not not be me. i wont turn that into the third axoim of catlawick but it IS
the sugar did not ask the ashes if it wanted to help out
but it burned

09/14/2017 12:15:18 am
ERROR : not found

"thats why i see people like taaqi as invaluable
if you cant understand that then stop trying to
im sure Musk gets it

09/14/2017 12:14:26 am
ERROR : not found

"i get my billion
and my housing block in venice ?
i give you anyhthing but my penthouse
cos thats where my cats live
you better be ready to move to mars
on short notice
call it a dream
but dreams are all we have, its what defines us, if we dont have dreams then we are where we are, and thats who we're gonna be, i hate to talk about me as if im you

09/14/2017 12:12:26 am
ERROR : not found

musks already going to mars i doubt i can do a better job or catch up
all i can do is support and check his mommas ass when he gets dreamy
so my billion goes to gathering population
but i dont have that billion do i, its impossible to get here
well for one cos no one want the same baseline as one has here
that one obviously failed so
it doesnt matter
until it starts

09/14/2017 12:08:35 am
ERROR : not found

"well i cant live in a fucking squat dump
i AM that catling, my cat cants stand ruckus, or dogs for that matter and i need fucking personal space
i cant just scuttle around like roaches and packrats
if that sounds elitis im sorry
when i get my billion you are all invited to the lower floors of my housing block in venice
as long as you keep the needles inside and off the street and preferably no needles at all but i understand
ive been here and there
it doesnt make me your fucking textbook
you got too much textbook up yo mommas ass, even the best of you lately

09/13/2017 11:57:00 pm
ERROR : not found

"thats cos you take music like a dick up yo mommas ass when she was cheating on your daddy

09/13/2017 11:49:19 pm
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"KRS one hm .. .how bout some b52s or saint jude first
i know you wanna dip that bbc all up that fuckin ass
you dont like the word, do you
theres many words i dont like
you should tell your niggers to act like people, that way you dont look black at all
unless you wanna
that makes you a supremacist ... i didnt do leopold man
i sure as hell wont be responsible for it
i dont give a shit if you cant get past that no one is getting anywhere
at all
its roman caesarian shit
divide at niggerz

09/13/2017 11:45:04 pm
ERROR : not found

how about that way?
tell me your next masterplan
i'll tell you if it's shyte or not, and why too, you don't even have to pay me, but i won't refuse luxury catfood, nothing makes me more happy than happy cat

09/13/2017 11:40:47 pm
ERROR : not found

fore sight
more sight
you cannot have clear sight
when you only have one side
(me) omg i have to put that up as quote#31

09/13/2017 11:39:11 pm
ERROR : not found

"one of the reasons i learned to keep to myself is i dont like the spotlight
when my dark energy outshines the spotlight i become a threat and all i want is insight, fore sight, more sight
to be a little part of physics in the omniverse
its all i want
but in this life
all i want is to move to asia with my cats, in the mean time i'll try to enable myself to do anything i would when i could do it without having to try to be able to

09/13/2017 11:32:11 pm
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"well, i feel the book might have a better life there if the kid takes it to heart
if he really means it
i dont think theres a law about giving books away, right? like he didnt buy it so you cant really sue him if i give it to him right? even under european law where i cant say the fuck what i want ?

09/13/2017 11:23:15 pm
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"ah no, senor taaqi, i just would like to offer whatever below average humility i can, even if only a reflective mirror
no reason te be friends with strangers
thats all
so i was wondering, now the girl probably thinks im weird cos she's from Iran lol
i like my cool and quiet, anonimity and people not telling me what to do just like the next person
if i had elon musk adress id mail him too but i dont have yours so i have to go indirect hah hah hah
(<-nothing funny about my life really)

09/13/2017 11:14:42 pm
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"well, you would know better
its not cos the 80s had talking heads tc matic and b52s that people talk about it, its cos they embarrassed someone might realize how shyte most of it was

09/13/2017 11:10:44 pm
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"talking big just works better when you know a bit or two what you're talking about
thats all, BOY, ROOTS
i doubt your daddy is a warlord actually i think hed beat your ass if he knew what you been spouting about him being in jail and shit
actually i really actually think that
so you feed these yokels your little nigger shit
and make all your people look like niggers
i dont like them and i dont like you
its why i have always wanted out to a nice place where no people are
i know where that is, you can hack the bookmarks im sure you did, not you, you, you know
you know the difference between you and you dont you, well i know you dont but you do dont you ?

09/13/2017 11:07:38 pm
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if it wasnt for the grandmasters
there would be no tupac, BOY
if it wasnt for the original heretics there would be no einstein
if it wasnt for corruption there would be no escobar either
thats a hard thing to connect yet still they both have pictures on my wall of fame
for making something
out of nothing
thats as hip hop as it gets
but i like all kinds of virtuosity, i suggest you dont check the avant garde channel since most flemish plebs would limit that to bertold brecht as paradigm
why don't you start at the basics
when needles on a turntable only had one side
you probably dont even know that much

09/13/2017 11:03:58 pm
ERROR : not found

"my dreams are half-my life old, they originated way before some old control bat succeeded in getting me back to hickville
i have educated myself since i quit school, its one of my regrets : i didnt quit school soon enough, all that shyte thats only meant to make you walk in line? lost time
you dont know the fundamentals do you, thats why you think you can predict a pivot point
its metaverse, not forex
it took divine pressure to get ANYTHING from a place that was about nothing but light and mickey mouse gas
pressure of divine magnitude more or less
thats why you see your gods right there
and thats why they have
all the small traits you wish you hadnt
it doesnt exclude divine magnitude
it simply states the divine is impercievable, like bacteria on your desk to you
i dont need a piece of paper stamped by the state to get the basics

09/13/2017 10:47:03 pm
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"you're the reason why yokels get racist, your own people should beat the shit out of you or some sense into at least
but thats up to them, right
you're just a kid

09/13/2017 10:46:00 pm
ERROR : not found

"well i didnt see you or your daddy at the global dmc when last time i found out it was here, i didnt see you when shadow and the qemist was bringing the whole collection of bambaata round the globe to brussels
you know that town you have a mouth full off, next to that place with the 100 imaginary friends where 15 years ago i had mine, before IS existed or any terrorists were reality in europe, when i did what i had to to EAT
and you're threatening me at my door with THEM ?
and THEN after all that gangster, you CALL THE FUCKING COPS ON MY ASS and expect me to just "let it go" ...?? LOL
in what niggerland is that reality, BOY
i told you , you make black people look bad, i told your friends too, someone points a finger at you you jump back two metres, you're the first one to make noise, and the first one to run when shit gets hot, you ain't no friend to no one, BOY
i would have mercy, but you threatened me
at my fucking front door

09/13/2017 10:40:08 pm
ERROR : not found

"don't know NAS, dont know rakim, maybe saw that tv show on how the getdown invented scratching, dont know bambaata, dont know flex but acting all that nigger ... if i know your street history more than you, BOY
you shouldnt be teaching it to local inbreeds
btw, no one wears cartier, thats for women, kid
yea i have a problem with anyhone threatening me at my door and telling me to move to mexico in my own street, claiming mum&dad have been in jail as if thats something to brag about ... i wonder what mum&dad would have to say about it, if it werent for that little blonde in holland being killed and raped by motherfuckers just like you i probably wouldnt take it like a dick up the ass but that is how you feel
i dont bend over though so i'm still hoping to see that jailbird daddy, at least i can have a REAL talk with him
you make your shit look bad ... i told you letting go is not my forté
i'm not much for white power but if i'm to be stuck in THIS place where i was born , raised and where my family has rooted since the dawn of written papers
there's not much choice but that
educate yourself next time before you set foot in a place where your mouth stinks

09/13/2017 10:34:06 pm
ERROR : not found

"you wanna act all black, BOY, but you don't know NAS and you act like hip hop wasnt born on streets but invented by gang bangers?
you're a disgrace to your race if you wanna play the pigmentally challenged game
out here in the metaverse there are no stars out here we are immaculate

09/13/2017 10:30:42 pm
ERROR : not found

"o you want it that way ?
okay ... i know i can
cos ive been there
be what i wanna be
the problem never was me, how come niggers act like niggers despite the fact that they dont wanna be called that and if you do they act even mo
a bit like white buffs threatening
how come there ain't no black name in physics but everyone knows NAS O WAIT
your little nigger there
he doesnt even know NAS, do you know what i mean by little niggers making black people look like they all are, cos i think i just got banned from youtube
for using words that start with letters while the script dont get it
NIGGER, push a little harder, makes you look like one
and bad too

09/13/2017 10:24:25 pm
ERROR : not found

"stop the threats for a sec, im right here
i havent moved since you stuck me here ... no mafia is after me okay, only anonymous local yokels calling cops cos said cops HAVE to react when they're called, the downside of "the law" ... a reason why i'll never use it, its fake
if you didnt have time in the last eight years i doubt you amount to much of a threat anyway, you're more like a mosquito i cant seem to swat cos you're too small to notice ... i just always wake up with an itch i cant scratch
i'm on a meta mega zone , cut it out for a sec ok ?

09/13/2017 10:17:42 pm
ERROR : not found

"well, i dont fear creationists or the islamic state because to them i dont believe in atheists and to them i am jihad just fine ... i just dont believe in small mass murder or genocide, anything less thant viral 12 monkeys doesnt cut it for me and atheists are dogmatic non believers pretending to be science, they have absolutely no proof of non-existence hence it can not be, i think thats just as stupid as pretending that it is because you can't explain it, see
i dont think my head is in any danger of being lopped off
the danger i perceive lies in simplicity, mediocrity, normality and most all
the power of idiots in large numbers, distilled by charismatic dimwits

09/13/2017 10:14:16 pm
ERROR : not found

"yea i can hear the hear comes the night belongs to us, i just dont hear it cos i dont hear voices, but the resonance is all around us , like cha dawn says
no one put its name to anything but newton. There's newtonian physics which is the stepping stone for even Einstein, the alien himself. No one put his or her name to particle or meta, quantum or related physics
its not that hard if you live in the metaverse, its quite simple actually it applies to anything and everything
newtons basics
you and your girlfriend fighting? newtons basics
always works out
but the quanta ? there's no planckian physics yet, yet since einstein was the alien i give him more than the simple benefit of doubt. I dont believe in gods who care but that doesnt mean they play dice
the resolution of perception simply isnt small enough to be de-, con- or any cisive yet
and that's a fact the dustball department doesnt like since EGO
not the freudian but the linguistic bit
EGO is the scientists bane, not believers or whatever

09/13/2017 10:01:46 pm
ERROR : not found

"its all clear in the metaverse
the molecules behind the curtain are left in the cold while the ones inside are dancing happily
its ALL clear in the metaverse, SO simple

09/13/2017 10:00:29 pm
ERROR : not found

"well that's why walls and windows stop the heat from dissipating, even curtains would to a certain extent
thin air is solid matter
einstein was a bad-ass
unlike newton who was a doubter
galileo was a bad-ass too
not as bad as paracelsus, but a real fucking bad-ass nonetheless
a bit like going up to IS and saying i dont give a shit about your god

09/13/2017 09:56:55 pm
ERROR : not found

"its not like yokels scare me ... its just ... the incessance of it all like a virus attacking white cells
yea its white cells im surprised the purists havent used that one yet
nothing more soothing than a cat grooming on the same tiles at the fire next to you as the warmth slowly spreads through the molecules
it depends on your perception and awareness, as you turn it on, the frictions starts and it slowly spreads through what you commonly perceive as air
its atoms and molecules "shaking hands" and rubbing each other getting hot
if the cat feels safe enough to groom
it spreads too
like an aura
but thats metaphysics, the rest is
newtonian physics more or less although i'm not sure how much he did on friction

09/13/2017 09:53:33 pm
ERROR : not found

"i think i survived the wednesday inbreed onslaught with minimal damage . Its hard to say except for the mementos i keep to make sure it's not me.
like the shit that disappeared
i mean it IS possible that a flash drive gets hit by condensed neutrinos and a gamma ray while a microwave nearby explodes corrupting exactly one folder while nobody's been touching it for weeks
that COULD happen
other than that i found a book on training dogs for dummies, which i bought for the old folks a while ago, i'll put it in the neighbours mailbox they seem to have trouble with anything they can't buy
other than that ... all the shit and shyt has me missing on people i shouldnt
which is what this place does ... THOU SHALT LIVE HERE


doesnt matter what and who is crazy, what matters is fact, fact is half my life all i want is out of belgium i dont think thats gonna change in the half i have left (IF i have that much left)

09/13/2017 05:03:58 pm
thats too bad

"but you're too late, i cant stand niggers anymore

09/13/2017 05:00:19 pm
its not a popularity contest

"i told you whoever got me anything i asked for could have me for the next objective

you can blame 101 barz and the little nigger dance, its too late, for all europe it has my full support
you censored me
you're no better
end of message there
i still need to know who stole my shit
and the retard who flags the 1% motorcycle logo on youtube
i dont think thats gonna be my problem really
you censor me, try to make me look like, ruin my life and whatever, so
they got me now, all they have to do is ask

09/13/2017 04:47:07 pm
i have reached my verdict

"trust no one: i'd rather fight nazis who stand for what they claim than fight hippicrites who claim to not to but do it anyway
thats the price of censorship
i'm not allowed to vote

09/13/2017 03:15:17 pm
ERROR : not found

"well, he exactly knows how to, its exactly what he's trying to avoid to be your object of study my friends are my friends because they are not above or below you you simply dont get them

09/13/2017 02:48:18 pm
ERROR : not found

"its easy to find out, google no longer supports free speech i dont care what side, it doesnt

09/13/2017 10:50:09 am
ERROR : not found

"trust no one ....
we want more ?

so do i, so, you owe me over 10 years ... i suggest you pay up first

what matters is the resonance

in the long term

you can not un-realized anything at all


its like total reverse watlawick so i'll make it the second axiom of catlawick making one :

-1) it's impossible to not interpret

and 2

2) its impossible to un-realize anything , ever

i should write these down but i think i can remember that much

nothing is original, watlawick got it from freud and nietschze

so i got it from all of them thats a lot of weighty names to claim my claim i bet they all had degrees too enough to remove the need for me to have one since i declare the laws of the metaverse as i observe them

09/13/2017 09:57:59 am
ERROR : not found

"if i were a necromancer, fallen angel and my wings were made out of the ghosts of dead people with no home, id be the strongest man alive right now

09/13/2017 09:56:45 am
ERROR : not found

" Inside France's Empire of the Dead... startling images of the skulls and bones that line catacombs under Paris More than 6million of Paris's dead are buried under the City of Lights Much of it is out of bounds, but for some Parisians, the lure of the catacombs is one they cannot resist so, wuts on ur mind then lurv ?
just check the history
i told the lady at the end they should sell t-shirts : i survived the wait, i would have bought one thats for sure, where can you get that morbid ... 6 fucking million dead people, stacked in a fucking pleasant walk-a-by
i didnt really ever think about it, im glad i did the wait but if you only have a few days i wouldnt, its five hours , if you're lucky
its something you'll never see again anywhere, and then some, they blocked the best parts (probably cos people keep falling in pits) its like the gygax underdark down there, nerd
for real
its like a fucking level of dark souls without being attacked
you have never been in the presence of that many dead people nor will you ever be again, not even hitler killed that many, well he got close, right ? but i doubt he shot a lot himself
all stacked nicely ... in corridors and hallways, like fucking art
you gotta give the french credit when it comes to art and liberal

09/13/2017 09:31:51 am
ERROR : not found

"trust no one ...
like the catacombs ? saves you the five hours wait in line (thats if you're 30 minutes or an hour early before opening time ... thats how bad people wanna see 60kk skulls and bones stapled together)
i could live there if it wasnt so dangerous for my cat
i have nothing to prove but i cant stand threats and im incapable of bending over and taking it up the ass i told you many times
there's one chance to find out anything thats real
you wanna see if i can kill someone point blank
get me to a basement , give me a gun and a guy tied to a chair
you wanna see if you can make me suck your dick ?
drive up to me and point a gun at me and tell me to
but there's only one chance to do that, EVER
cos in any case
someone will die, and it's irreversible
kakeguiru ? i dont know the spelling, im older than that
you can try it once if you want to, just make sure you bring people willing to die
cos if i dont
they will
as long as im stuck here my life is over anyway

09/13/2017 09:07:21 am
ERROR : not found

"trust no one ...
no im not going to repeat what i just said out loud, if you heard it you should know that you shouldnt and i wouldnt say that out loud either
SO ... if you think IM crazy, think about you and who's mask you're wearing, idiot
its friendly advice on my part okay
its not like im impressed, but i AM annoyed

09/13/2017 08:49:29 am
ERROR : not found

"trust no one ...
doesnt matter how sorry you are, what matters is the consequences to my life
and please make no mistake, i respond really bad to threats even if it might not show as if my name is scarface
i find, deduct and fix, if it takes me 30 years

09/13/2017 04:58:43 am
ERROR: not found

""trust no one ... "
how can i until i know where it is and what happened?

sanctions huh?

well that has proven to be effective before, like every fucking time, i know how that works, if someone threatens me, i double up cos i'm out threatened, doesnt matter how or what or who the fuck

09/12/2017 02:14:39 pm
ERROR : not found

"trist no one ...
well, where did it go ?
okay, so .. listening ...
"anonymous"? ... "the drive got damaged" ... ah ... flash drives getting damages from lying around in the same place without being touched would require some serious monster magnets on the roof or hulk-class gamma ray burst or exploding microwave ovens maybe, or a drive that was exactly over 10 years and happend to just corrupt the sectors where that particular folder was, combined with the fact that i wouldnt even have noticed that sd card being gone unless i saw THAT, cos i specifically put it there where i dont touch anything, just in case people try to confuse me with the power of idiots in large numbers²
highly unlikely my friend (where friend equals sarcasm at a level where most people would use the word sorry)
and sorry doesn't get me anything btw
so ...

09/11/2017 02:08:00 pm
ERROR : not found

"its not possible to have a life in a place where you can't exist, even less when control freaks know whats good for you
i just read very scientifically life actually starts going downward from 45, which means now its proven : this hellhole cost me the best years of my life and i had nothing, not one day of life since here. Whoever put me here, ruined all my life, my future and my dreams and then thinks it can expect something or make some threats.
i can't find my shit, it cant have been blown away by the wind, its almost impossible that it wasnt taken by someone, which means someone took something from my very last bit of private space
violation of my privace is a capital offense
trust no one, especially here

09/10/2017 09:36:52 pm
ERROR : not found

"neckpain has been terrible the past two weeks ... i can set the clock on my cat recently : 9 o clock, i think he's posessed by the houseghost or something
other than that : its gone, i cant find it , trust no one
other than that : nothing's changed, i hate this fucking place and clearly with good reason

09/10/2017 06:23:14 pm
ERROR : not found

"""trust no one...
how do you enjoy yourself ?
i dont enjoy myself since here ... here everything does one thing : prevent creative interest and reinforce destructive nature. Its living in a swamp on krypton in a cell with bars made of no money and a lot "or else"
i can't find it so its gone
trust no one, not here, not ever

09/10/2017 04:44:45 pm
ERROR : not found

""trust no one...
get some rest ? what for, im alreayd tired i always get rest after four hours of daylight ... to do what ? you think i'll be going anywhere with no money after shit disappeared from my house ? how does that compute in your world ?
trust no one ...

09/10/2017 01:58:11 pm
ERROR: not found

"trust no one...

09/09/2017 11:58:08 pm
nah, day over, i had to discover it and fear ? in what world did that work out ?

"please dont ask for help

09/09/2017 11:45:22 pm
i only fight to kill

"please dont ask for help

09/09/2017 11:18:15 pm
you know i love you ba by, the last thing you want someone to say
but you go for what you want no matter what
how could i define that ? people should be happy to have you


09/09/2017 11:09:55 pm
you got me all wrong, why you looking at me AND steal stit from the last room i consider private, i was being nice and compliant


09/09/2017 11:05:44 pm
you know the fun part, esse

"i dont wanna be the change
i wanna see the world bleed
after whay you , they or anyone did to me
anything goes

09/09/2017 10:56:56 pm
we all know tomorrow never comes

"im not promoting

but the kids asked for "new musics"
but all i can give them is old shit
aint nothing new catching my attention span for long enough
ridiculous, right?
i know
nonetheless dont make me get out the nukes, i got ninjas like my name is kim, you can carry it in a hippie van and the world is safe from anyone who tells anyone what they can or can not say
and my cat
that would be it
unless you got twelve monkeys for me

09/09/2017 10:47:36 pm
well all i claim is freedom, all i say is i was doing fine and the only thing i want is to live in asia with my cats

"of which i have only one left

09/09/2017 10:44:12 pm
Booze & Glory - "Leave The Kids Alone" - OFFICIAL VIDEO (HD)

we have a problem there
one : whoever threatens me at my door is ageless
that makes it a lot worse
something got stolen from my fucking bedroom
i dont hope you understand
you'll have to

09/09/2017 10:33:41 pm
i wanna move to mongolia with my cat

"its the only place with enough space to not hear me when i shout
i have never been kidding, i can skype you from there
death valley is too hot
the north pole is too cold
the mongolian planes are verty inviting vERY
why have you been stopping me i could have been at peach for so many years

09/09/2017 10:23:59 pm
dont change the subject you took something from my bedroom

its trying to blank me
im gonna need some time to get my composure cos if i talk about this it might make sense
a bit more and i might believe in tin foil hats but
i had about 40-50 jobs
probably 70-80 if i dont count when i was making money
i dont think your statistics amount to much
change the title
you will never keep a job
ofcourse not
youre a dick and i dont suck
how the fuck
well the reason why im not on your firm is not cos i like cats
i like cats
especially mine
i just dont care about sports
im not a 'man' despite the fact that i fucked yo momma in the ass
thats where the confusion comes from isnt it
she liked it actually
see ?
like that
how the fuck

09/09/2017 10:10:43 pm
im on the who broke into my room track but since the flow cant stop the show

if you stand in line five hours you can see the skulls
its really like a dark souls level
only real
they shut down the deadly parts so its really no fun at all
but paris c'est paris
no doubt
not even my fucking dealer from 15 yo had more to do with bombing than anyone back then
im very sorry to see im treated like a criminal for wearing a t-shirt that says brussels
clearly cos its all the same
someone broke into my fucking house and stole something from my fucking bedroom i really dont care what political or uniform that was

09/09/2017 09:59:24 pm
well if you have friends who need helping its probably the right thing to do

i'll stick to my "it only takes one nigger " to make black people look bad
cos i have no friends
i dont have to watch my back like that

09/09/2017 09:45:43 pm
no boundaries to my audacity

"you know why a lot of plebs dont like me?

cos the molenbeque mafia didnt shoot me, now
i could say there was no americans making the world blow up back then
i could say
no one caught me i was free to eat handouts or not get a job
i can say many things but i'll stick to this one
no one shot me
all your threats have come to naught
no one was in THAT game back then either
so your bullshit can stop
but someone
took something
from my fucking bedroom
mh ... its been 15 years ... it seems like i'm talking
i have no clue who you are but that
getting into my house
stealing my shit
if ts about your little shit who makes you look bad
i told you to beat him up cos he makes you look bad
its 2017 man
if i were a rat you'd have seen my head on tv by now
its 15 years ago
i never was a superstar was i,never had money or fame, all i ever wanted was out of here
i was doing fine
i was doing fine after i got out too
someone put me here
whoever that was can read, right?
let me tell you something black man, i dont like racists
white or black
if your little nigger acts a nigger then thats what he gets
people are people however
if your little nazi acts a nazi then thats what he gets
thing is
i havent had little nazis act little nazis
maybe they're smarter
and you are clearly not

09/09/2017 09:29:04 pm
just a picture on weheartit

"im sure you analyzed it by now
im sorry pinterest wont let me back in im sure hiroaki samura would give you great insight into who i am
alas its only what i like

hm im afraid my generation wont be documented
its a bit too much
i wouldnt dare talk about what comes behind me but i dont catch much noise there yet
i take it as a broad concept

09/09/2017 09:13:47 pm
i seriously gonna need to know who thought to just come in here and take my shit like im public property

"you think its a picture on we heart it
cos i got about 5000 of that
i had 2600 youtube videos too before it decided i didnt
whats in a name?

the pictures are real, i met an american couple from frisco with their kids and an australian couple who spent 6 monts working and six months exploring there and im like "well im unemployed ... but im here despite that, and i got zounds to say" so no one had a problem with that
its where they dug up zounds of dead people
to put them in a
i have NO idea what they were thinking they made pillars of dead people its like a level of dark souls
if you can stand the six hour wait
id do it

09/09/2017 08:55:02 pm
well ever since i saw the little dance and uncle po invited me

"im done with 101 barz and that shit
i'll stick to the real shit

you know
its nice to see things
its not to be stuck in a place by people you dont know so you cant get to them
its unacceptable if anyone , legal or not came into my place to take something from me, i havent SEEN any legal documents btw
but my shit is gone
raison detat again ?
i cant get with that
thats how you create your worst enemies
just to get some shit straight
i dont have daddy issues
my grandparents raised me just fine
i was never out of love or safe in the years that mattered
i thought you wanted some music ?
you know i always save you from the dirty bits

09/09/2017 08:42:33 pm
shows how much you werent born in belgium

"and im not even talking about the viking countries where death metal was born
if they let people wait to drink until they have a license half the population would commit suicide before they were legally responsible
thats how depressing the place is
and im not even talking about the viking countries
thats cos you dont live here
my bad
thats cos you're not born here
its a mental state
it doesnt matter what you say or how much sand you had to eat to get here
well sure

if katy parry tells me she can prove me that se lived it, if even for a few years, i might listen
but katy perry is not you
its been overflowing, theres enough friction between left and right
it doesnt matter what they do anymore
but what matters right now

09/09/2017 08:01:26 pm
well just one more to stay within the screen res

"you know

i never trust a guy waving a gun, i certainly wont fear a guy waving a gun without killing anyone
i got raised like that
NEVER point a gun at someone you're not gonna kill but i grew up like this
AND that
logical operators in a multiverse you wouldnt understand
if you both have nothing but a knife
you'll see
if one has a gun, its obvious
if its a fist fight
it usually not lethal
my point today is something got stolen from me and someone has been here cos thats why i put it there in case you didnt get that, canoo survival boy
i'll take you with ... ofcourse not, im not a fighter
why would i make threats
the videos got ruined at the same time
my phone gets back in my kitchen with no prints on it clean like windex
it stinks of a 1930s nazi warning
you know theres two choices for me if you ever get me back in jail , right?
only two, im sure they both be delighted to have me
i want out of here to asia with my last remaining cat, stealing shit from my bedroom does not change that, it hasnt changed since i was 15
i saw your litte shit dance in fear, i heard mommy say dont tell dad either
is dad SO bad, well then take me to him
how come dad thinks kid can get away with it
im trying to be somewhat serious here
something got stolen from the last private place on earth i am supposed to have
id say thats giving peace a chance
if i were any kind of jihadi i would be not drinking or having eggs and bacon for breakfast in the middle of a hood
sometimes i think you WANT that to change
so who took my fucking shit?
you know i wont give in to terrorism
uniformed or religious
so who took my fucking shit

09/09/2017 07:38:50 pm
well nothing really

i stick to quality and realness and i dont get paid for that, i wont get paid until i run my own business and that wont happen while i live in hellgium
nothing happened
someone got into my private space and stole something private
its not about money
im still not sure if the guy tried to kick me in the face was actually just being in the moment, being annoyed by that orange homing light on the cam or the fucking propagande local nazis would spend to keep me here
its why i dont like them, in general i dont have a problem with nazis as much as i dont have a problem with antifas or corrupt suits
its problematic when they get in my way
i know you dont understand that but its quite simple
true to the cause and all that
i always had the impression everyone who said that didnt really know the cause
at all, like its something political or something or it has wings
if your kid is suicidal YOU need to check your head, it takes hard fysical mutation to be born suicidal mom&dad
and most of the time they're not despite your money proving counsil will suck dick as long as its fed
well, see ... i never wanted to play cos its not a game to me, but people kept sending my phone is bigger than yours boy in my face
now all your kids are belong to us, putaaa
we dont need the inbreeds okay
its not a nazi thing either
its not an antifa thing either or whats it called alt this and that i got keys on my board like that, if i push them they do what i want to
i wouldnt trust anything named after that

09/09/2017 07:34:47 pm
you're starting to suffer from the same delusions

there was no old new york
only the part you knew
i dont have mind for this right now
something got stolen from a bout 1.5 m above my bed
so , im sorry but
yo shit seems to be recurring, this doesnt happen every day, although its not the first time its the first time the mouse bit
now im a q
not a byte cos i dont bite unless i got it, you'll excuse me , right
i got some shit to settle or i cant sleep sound

09/09/2017 06:58:52 pm

"until the difficult post gets below sea level

have you read anything i just said or heard anything i repeated daily since you put me here?
cos i'm getting paranoid, i'm starting to think you won't even listen because it does not compute in your world ... the a-grade kid is dead, you killed it
but the memory remains
i knowyou were expecting more of last time, you always do that, do youknow i edit the text with tags while i type ?
and i hate smartphones but that might change when i can afford a second one and i can try to install my own OS on the first one
reasons to keep people poor, doesnt change the fact how highly unlikely, no matter what you fucking say
that sd-card is gone from where it was
well, if entrapment were my prerogative id almost feel guilty
im still up for catching child rapists and psychopaths but not for drug cartels, i see other solutions there and first of all
i need some vengeance for whoever cost me over a decade of life
that might take a while
and most recent
someone stole something from this very room you see, thats how the place keeps me busy
if you're a fat fuck smoking weed all day , i am a fat fuck who spent many years away from keyboard just as well as the rest
im not joking, its not even a pun, jo-king ... its jo-kun to most i dare respect


at letting things go so i dont know if you can imagine how i feel if someone comes into my bedroom when im not there and its not my grilfriend
multiply that by unauthorized and stealing, thats where inspector columbo dies and im not even a cop
i dont get paid for this ... someone stole from ME in my FUCKING PRIVATE ZONE i dont take your shit and i wont have it, yes, keep your cancerkids and refugees until i have my shit back, thanks

09/09/2017 06:32:26 pm
yea another thing

"i said many times i always take the best of all culture that is fed to me and mix it to my own

there was a discussion on slashdot a week ago or this week on how happy music makes people perform and think better and im like
you forgot to mention "normal" happy people
seems like most there tended to agree that 1-2-3-4 family von klapp we zellen em nekiejer didnt help them think either
when i said (mostly after the disqus has closed cos those people are fast like pro-gamers, its a competition i think) i prefer a good hatebreed or a chunk of acujazz avant garde to get my neurons and synapses in line
this does not nullify the previous post, that wont be nullified until i get my shit back
the most educated population does not keep statistics, tabs or cookies on its inhabitants, did you know that, they're everywhere with nothing to prove cos testosterone is great for fucking, but thats it

mh ... well it calms me, it soothes me, i can already feel my neurons and my synapses getting in sync after listening to the song two times
wouldnt happen after 30 seconds of megamindy cos id be too busy being annoyed ... well no offense , i have to get an example right
it has several levels of funny like how warner bros gets a song with a title thats a word used by nazi germans to shoot deserters while a lot of people mistake hatebreed for sympa's just like they did slayer ... and much more, but i dont really give a shit if you dont do your own research you still can only be my girlfriend if you're my type
wether you swallow without question or not
read my shit and what i read, it will tell you braingames are a waste of time unless you're doing it yourself on something you need solved, and backed up by lots of paper on the wall and the dustball department
just make sure that cos i dont get stuck on a topic doesnt mean i dont have a multi threaded mind
ah, mh .. spending money i can't afford on an ipcam after the facts seems like one of YOUR ideas indeed, Edison ... truly
i dont really do this "law"-thing since it never helped me out once, not when i had my teeth kicked in, not when my shit got stolen, i just need to make sure cos i had lot of shit to endure, and lots of ancient liches would like it if im not sure of myself
ipcams only work if the duopoly is not owned
cos they require more than local network access unless you got the good stuff
i once heard a dude trying to sell one to a shopkeeper like "we dig it into concrete in the middle of your store" like lol
never mind
e=mc² ... this does not require ipcams, its gone, no one ever comes here and i dont touch those books
so paranoid or not ... see i got it covered you should have been shutting up
paranoid or not
its gone
you can check the first years i suppose, brainfleece shit should have been dead pre-mature, top of the class, shy a grade motherfucking nerd
i wouldnt go on the third hand info i hear about myself on the past 20 years, but it seems you do, BUT ITS GONE LETS NOT LOSE TOPIC, SOMEONE CAME IN HERE AND TOOK IT, NOW THERES A REAL PROBLEM

09/09/2017 03:38:28 pm
seems like something very important got stolen

"unlawful entry ? while in paris or while putting my phone back with showroom shine?
and looks like all videos of gangsterdammabe conveniently got damaged
all my imagination ? but its gone, and the vids ARE
so thats how many times in one month now ?
am i public property or something even if its COPS i explicitly told the old folks NO ONE is allowed in without a fucking warrant, i KNOW, last time they did it too and the old man, for having been such an arms collecting fucking nazi shits his pants
i EXPLICITLY SAID under no reason, for whatever the excuse, NO ONE WITHOUT A FUCKING WARRANT cos i know the fucking tricks by now i think
once a suspect always a suspect, doesnt mean you get to come in and out when you fucking want to, so who was it ?
cos this is fucking serious
doesn't matter what it is ... clearly not a ton of explosives i was keeping under my bed
SO ... i CLEARLY, before i went to Paris, told the old lady, NO ONE was allowed into the fucking bedroom, not unless they had a fucking warrant. What whit shitpantso and el gangsterdammabe and all. I KNOW them tricks by now. Just a quick look, hoping to find ANYTHING cos i talk too much about how i dont like police state. ITS NOT THE FIRST TIME IS IT? and i know the tactics too, scaring, i mean what can it hurt if you got nothing to hide, right
BESIDES THE POINT ... i did not give permission, stuff is gone ... SO, was it uncle PO, or was it some kid ?
cos this aint very well
yea i probably misplaced it and an accidental gamma ray hit only that one single flash drive
OFCOURSE, just like 12 virii just appear when im out for an hour
SO ? cos this is NOT good ... this is BEYOND NOT GOOD, even for a nazi shithole in a police state, this is NOT GOOD, what does it matter? all state secrets or fucking porn in case i'm offline, ITS GONE, and the files on that one drive are damaged
SO ... no te quiero matar , cabron, but in self defense id have to so who has been into my fucking house here ?
i keep it in between my fucking books, a place where I MYSELF never come cos i never read them anymore
what do you think it is ? a copy of the juarez cartel ledger ?
you know you can bury sd cards, right ? as long as theres no current on it they wont destroy
i keep it so i dont fucking lose it in case like last time all my pcs at once decide to crash right after microfags ban me i lose all data on onedrive and then due to a blocked phone number i lose all data on google ? AND fucking megaupload ...
if it were cartel ledgers they wouldnt be in my fucking bedroom, MISSING THE POINT IS : it does not blow from between my fucking books which i never touch myself due to a sudden gust of wind in my bedroom .. thats like saying a passport mysteriously appeared in the local police station mailbox while i was registered in another city for 3 years
my suspicions arent based on air and if fucking vent them it means its a fucking very high probability here ... ITS POSSIBLE OK, its possible my cat got bonkers and rampes up the walls a few times, hit my books and slingshotted the sd card from in between then started playing hockey with it and its lying somewhere on the floor
is what i call highly unlikely ... combined with the exact data on one flash drive being corrupted ... from lying on the shelf, is what i call


is what i call someone's fucking been into my private space without my fucking permission or a legal order
is what i call thats how motherfuckers get shot in self defense
good thing i dont have a gun
or they could have stolen it
well okay, maybe if you're not born and living in hellgium you can see how shyte like this is not very beneficial to my creative process but has more appeal to my destructive nature ?
cos its been nothing but that since here
and with the nice preach i got from the drunk guy few weeks ago, i got some info here so im not gonna sit and let people shit on me
so who the fuck has been into my house ... are you praying yet i find that card somewhere on the floor cos my cat actually did slingshot it from between my books, cos someone should be


cos i always misplace my stuff and i always lose my stuff, xept that only happens here, i can strut round venice or paris for nights straight and i come back with everything i started ... SO EUHM ...
i know your arguments but see, it was between my books here, and i dont touch that shit cos i havent had focus since you put me back in nazivill, i dont break
i twist, motherfucker
i wouldnt call it check, mate cos its never been a game to me, its my fucking life and you fucking ruined it, so who was it ?
i still am smarter than you , theres just a lot of you, i can do that much numbers without being the numbers guy, it shows through every crack
SO, being in the place where it was, i don't need excuses, i need "it back" or "names"
cos this is unacceptable and not a game, i can handle yokel inbreed gossip shit, not breaking and fucking entering and stealing shit from my fucking bedroom
if the attempt is to get me closer to people here or something stupid like "RUN" .. well, you can see how i cant trust anyone until i know who it was ... and running is something for scared people and people who got shit to hide, isnt that what you and you say there
so, unless you have my money ... every cent i didnt make since the day you put me here so i can move to asia with my cat, you just made the situation MORE complicated
i dont give in to terrorism and good luck btw with that if thats the point
uhuh, i get the vibe of the last weeks so i think its been scripted way too long in advance, but that was clear years ago, there will be no love while here and there will be no sex while here, none of that until i have my life back
which wont happen here
and if you dont really get it yet, the whole point of "it" being between my books which i never touch anymore is simply that, so i didnt until i found the data on the flash drive which has been lying here since i put it on there corrupted, otherwise i wouldnt have a reason to go in between my books which i never touch anymore
HENCE, talking to you is like having to explain a joke, only without the way less fun since fun does not exist here either SO
barring the 0.01% chance my cat went bonkers and slingshotted it from the third shelf up from between two books


taken something from me ?
cos i never want to "play" i dont compete, its not a game but this is real and serious, like the mysteriously appearing passport
i always said i gladly believe uncle po-the-local didnt have part in it cos uncle po the local usually doesnt ask a lot of questions, its above their paygrade
but it still happened, rage gets me nothing, retard

no, no,no, sorry is for when you step on someone's new shoes on your way out or you bump in a hurry to get the metro
its not after you stole something from someone's last private place wether it was in the name of this , that or an old nazi bat who needs control
that's beyond sorry, sorry isnt fixing that
like i said, theres a 0.01% chance my cat bumped into it ramping up the wall 1.5 metres and it slingshotted out and its in a corner somewhere
don't man ... i had so many ... growing up in rightwing shit makes you somewhat immune to "or else" and also "you're gonna die"
i realized that when i was six sleeping in a very little bed next to my grandma .. actually i realized SHE was gonna die "someday"
and also
i had a friend once .. .to name just one, who never did anything wrong in his life, his biggest crime against humanity and terrerizm might have been having had a drink before he was 18, not even too many .. who fucking died in one second
sitting on a terrace having a drink with his parents when he was 23 ... just like that ...
so "you're gonna die" is somewhat of a loser's threat, so is "or else"
unless that card lies in a corner here, i can assume with more certainty than you ever need someone has been in here and took it
and even if it lies there its highly probably someone put it back there
so cut it, shut it, unless you got what i need
so cut it, shut it, unless you got what i need, do you have my shit or do you know who took it, thats the only thing up for discussion right now, not "ridiculous" or what your eight year old thinks cos your country's dying and you need to make it look good
yes i would have been a great cop, even when i was slinging dope (cos i had to, lets be clear on how it started, unless you count begging or robbing old ladies as an option) ... i always said id never do anything but child fucking rapists and psychopaths, BUT IM NOT
i clearly wont be
cos of this and that and 44 years of that (and this)
now if i create a situation where its impossible for you to say "you always do that" then its NOT A DISCUSSION, ITS GONE, WHERE IS IT ? told you inspector columbo was dead

09/09/2017 04:12:59 am
think it's funny? i feel coerced

"as funny as el shitpantso en lil gangsterdammabe trying to set me up and yokels calling cops ...
i have been nothing but tired the last weeks. Something about 9 o clock keeps me up at hours that are pointless to me so i walk around all day in a daze, and everything amounts to nothing, as if anything has since i got here.
getting off easy? ruining my life and my dreams and everything i worked for sticking me here and after years of yokel-harassment you call it "getting off easy"?
REALLY? ... like euh, someone just mailed me like they have THE PERFECT job(s) for me , FOUR TIMES even
all i need is to speek perfect french, enough to cold call motherfuckers to sell them useless shit they dont want, a drivers license, a car and a fucking degree i dont have either ... i got none of those .. BUT ITS PERFECT FOR ME .. cos they saw my profile, where it says nothing about a car, perfect french or any required degree AT ALL
so this is a case of "im as funny as el shitpantso and lil gangsterdam", or a case of stupid bitch or a case of "im so cool swiping my phone thats bigger than yours" i think i can code an automated search algorithm based on
on WHAT actually thats FOUR THINGS i dont have, my french aint nearly good enough to rattle icecold shit on a phone to someone who didnt even ask to be called selling them shit they didnt ask for either ... IT SAYS THAT RIGHT THERE
SO ....? i feel coerced, and exhausted. For every hour i wake up too early due to whatever i'll just have to counter by staying in bed an hour longer than i would have and do nothing
AND FUCK IT, and your shit, and your threats and your funny
and no one gets anything and FUCK IT, and if it doesnt get me to Asia with my cat, FORGET IT, AND FUCK IT
and whatever you think you're gonna do about it, just remember last time it ended me in jail and im still talking to the walls when im alone
fucking retard shithole

09/08/2017 06:25:06 am
aha uhum, well i don't do forgiveness

"after 10 years or more of knives in my back having my life and dreams and future ruined by what is good for me, i quit doing second chances really ... so if you fucked with me and it wasnt about sex with me as in my dick up yo mommas ass (preferably your sister ofcourse) then i doubt we'll ever be friends cos i cant trust anyone already since they i got stuck here and people who try to be funny dont make that better.
but thats just another day in van drukkerland and i wont budge on the matter, i was doing fine getting where i need to be, then i was here by choices made for me and since then i havent had a day of life, and i wont , not here
what baffles me however is how i get over 10 trojans when im gone for 1 hour for advice on wether or not to be pro-active on the matter of shitpantso and lil gangsterdammabe on a fucking system i use for nothing but gaming. Good ting i have eyes, i deleted every fucking thing but it seems it gets more complex ... taskmanagers, services ... registry entries thats as old as windows
took seven scans to get it out, of which four offline
and manual editing ... while i was gone
for ONE hour ... ??!?
silly coincidence ofcourse...all in my head, paranoid bastard ... i dont understand why anyone would write such shyte thats obviously slowing down and hijacking everything, it totally defies the purpose of having backdoors
but well, idiots are plenty
and if you want forgiveness i suggest father jean down the hill there ... maybe he's got some
cos i aint got none

09/08/2017 05:40:13 am
yes ofcourse

"after being gone for an hour i have about 12 virusseses that werent there when i left... talk about overkill
other than that, unless i can get to asia with my cat. I pray every inbred yokel ceases to have plans van de familje we zellen em nekiejer cos last time was really a bit too much here ... so no more for looking at a car, and no more sending fucking kids to threaten me at my door if you dont mind, and if you dont mind, mind your own fucking business, i dont want friends here, as long as im stuck here, i wont have a life
its a bit too late for sorry
i'll stick to mine, but if you come fucking with mine its inevitable that i get to yours
just remember, nothing ever here was anything i started and im quite sick of it
fucking inbreed bastards
yea i LOVE this place, as much as when i was 15 so, until i have money enough to go far enough, leave me the fuck alone
mh, well i hope no one expects a thank you after all that bullshit ?

09/08/2017 03:44:58 am
yea what else ? i cant jerk off all night can i ?

"87% disapprove of current parties, 84% disapprove of FARC lol
is not lol actually ... and here i am calling a winning vote by 51% a civil war vote ... yea i actually think a democratic win is a 3/4 minimum yes vote otherwise you're still where you started
but in this case it looks like a Donald vs. Hillary scenario more like it.
fact remains, it seems to be the least bloody solution ever (so far ...) so fingers crossed shall we, maybe this time something comes of it ... not necessarily good but at least better as for la cocaina ... someone will fill the gap i'm sure, but thats something that should be considered inevitable by now, demand creates supply, its a law of nature applied to the metaverse. So who's the biggest client ? cos thats the one that should check WHY they are the biggest client first ... a weird reverse way of trying to fix something like NOT shooting everything that might have to do with it but check the underlying problem and address the wound
who knows, it seems to be a time for revolutionary ideas ... electing Trumps ... letting rebels get into politics ... how long has it been since i heard about a bombing in Ireland actually ... i dont know really know how they fixed it there but i know they had a political party too ... IS IT FIXED ? well idont hear anything about it anymore
doesnt mean its fixed, i dont hear anything about libya anymore either
should i be thinking omg kardashian and footy bieber instead cos thats why i dont get laid according to fat hippies called G-man (as if you ever lived afk for more than half a day in the last ten years fat fuck) ... well, if i have to talk about katy perry with someone my dick goes limp so she's probably not my type if thats her thing you see ?
well it doesnt have to be rocket science, it just cant be normal people shit all the time, and i told you : THERE IS NO GETTING LAID AS LONG AS IM STUCK IN BELGIUM EVEN IF THAT MEANS NEVER AGAIN
fucking retard pc-hippie

09/07/2017 10:54:33 pm
wrong again

"i didn't assume
the lady at the desk said he will be arriving at six
that's why i didn't react to a she
see, precious
you assumed again
tsk ... i take myself seriously when it comes to what i want, what i need, what i know for facts, what i'm SURE i could have done by now, and when i'm talking serious shit
other than that i was comfortable with my inspector columbo routine being the village idiot, but when people think they can piss on you where you stand something's gotta give see, invisibility is a plus in a place like this trying to get out
i can NOT "get used to it" since i hate it here since i was 15, that makes that 2/3ds of my life, means thats not gonna change
so, DONT assume, and keep your suggestions
please, you're insulting me again

09/07/2017 07:53:38 pm
well then

"i guess we'll let that sleep unless it wakes us up again
the i learned something of the day was that in soviet belgium you have to pay 21% VAT (which used to be reserved for luxury items-) even on legal advice since a few years. Creates a nice gap between individuals who have to pay all of that out of their pockets or companies or small or microbiz who can deduct it from taxes
as for the rest there ... re-incorporation will never be achieved by force. If you have to pardon some motherfucker who ordered the death of a few dozen or hundred, ask yourself, how many times did i order to have that button pushed on a dronestrike to "protect my people" ...?
what matters is the billion dollar business getting back into the top layer of your side of economy. That wont happen by force, that happens with concessions and bilateral agreements. I have no clue where things are with Farc atm but i do know it took until last year before they really considered negotiating.
it can never be done by force, that will never work, that will only work to keep both sides in business
and you can rest assured when the big boys move into the same places to wear the same suits as you someone else will take over. Nature abhorrs a vacuum but at least the billions or trillions the previous gen built will be into what you so funny call the "real economy" (as if drug money doesnt get spent lol
and ask yourself another thing, since you're creating a WHOLE new generation of poor riding on the anti-establishment wave. If you have generation x-y-z get to form cartels (doesnt have to be drugs) you got another thing coming. You dont know their names, their faces, their in your emails, your powergrids, they control your smart bulb city with cheap drones, they steal data from optical emanation on hard drive leds adn routers, they know what you're doing by using your phone mic as a bat from a few rooms away ... but the only thing holding them is ego. Your superhaxxor can probably somewhat be compared to what you would call a pro "gamer" ... they're probably the worst ragequitters in the world, they HATE losing and contrary to your dogs in the pen in classic gangsterism
(which is not the same as organised crime okay, your "gangsters" are like the fucking marines of the big biz ... they get sent to be shot first, they do the shooting too) ... but your supehaxxors has other flaws, like the cat it cant resist the mouse, and like the games it HATES losing, which is why they stay in separate groups ... just like your balls are bigger, their brains are bigger, prevents cohesion into larger groups, but so where the ones where the cartels came from. They werent born don or boss.
so if these kids (well theyre not kids anymore) would gang up with all the teksavvy you can't hire cos for some reason it seems like the best ones simply arent interested in being your dog (its cos their cats mostly)
gang up into global cartels ? crime is born from poverty and continued by tradition
now im tired
i been walking back and to townhall for some advice i needed, its tiresome for an old cat like me
so ... treny topic ... colombia, check ... how much money and how money dead people to get the first guy ... dead ... then how much money and how many dead people and disrupted families since the first rodriguez got jailed until in the end there was two dead guys and two in jail for life ... that deal could have
saved countless lives, i know its one of your "things" and frankly family and mass murder really isnt enough to go all the way to my 12 monkeys vision, besides its too destructive
and how many after that and how much less coke came into america since then ? and who actually won anything by it except a ballbutting contest?
well since im on topic i just had to check or it keeps me busy that i might be running on yo news...
turns out
Colombia’s FARC revolutionaries become a political party
posted one hour ago hm, another world is possible ? how's the IRA lately ?
exactly the style of talk that got me banned on twitter in record breaking succession i suppose, i can top that
how's the situation in Israel ? it wont work unless its done the right way so ... id give that another 20 years first ... hard to find at least one on each side who is willing AND able to talk for at least five minutes without shooting someone over something that happened 2 minutes to 20 years ago
is this what you meant by disruptive cos ... afaik the irish did it and the colombians seem to be doing it, once the americans stop meddelin .. i mean meddling, you know im not a big fan of american medellin, the part where they do it without being asked ... WELL IT GOT US IS DIDNT IT ?

09/07/2017 02:59:39 pm
so this is ...

"its not gonna be like wait two hours then the guys apologizes that he cant make it right ? i already had that one

09/06/2017 05:29:33 pm
disruptive ?

"i'm disruptive now ?
? like how ? by breathing or something ? sitting at home minding my own business ?
being banned for no reasons given or something ?
if its about the link to they could have just deleted the post and noticed me that its considered advertising ...
so fuck THAT shit, im looking for places that can handle words ... where no extremists or pc-principals live, and especially no moderators who need it to have a sense of control in their life.
disruptive ... like what ? cos i cant be tracked on facebook ? i think its awfully considerate of me to not let anyone map my social circles
you werent talking to me, were you ?
if some douchebag checks me, i will always check him back, its a reflex
and fuck you, and your flanders and your hellgium and your europe
you ruined my life, you owe me a decade of years and all the moneyu i didnt make since the day you put me here
disruptive up yo momma's ass ...

09/06/2017 01:17:26 pm
let's see .... wednesday ...

"birdie showed me exactly where my hat was so silly coincidence is part of the cult of personality and old nazibats trying to control my life, effectively ruining it by breaking apart all i worked for and sticking me here ... otherwise, lets see ..."one deep look" ... "you would ..."
violation of my privacy is a capital offense, punishable by me
anyone who has the audacity to come on my property and threaten me at my own fucking front door is considered a threat, i have no idea why that concept is so hard to grasp, pleb ... there is no age to that ... be it 8 or 80 ... just like the kid who raped and murdered that girl in holland was "just a kid" so i guess next we get insults a la "you cant do it" to threats a la "or else tjoeppeflikkenbak zotuis" and maybe some "get laid" , which as i said x1000 times will never happen as long as im stuck here
and then we get more pushy since it doesnt work
and then i get angry and so on
and then some ...
yea i know its wednesday, my freezer and my fridge are brimming, i gotta eat more than whats good so it doesnt spoil
my life was ruined the day you put me here. If it doesnt get me to asia with my cat, its NOT worth the effort
so fuck you,and them, and you , and them
ok ?

09/05/2017 07:52:45 pm
people call me kid all the time dude, im 44

"i dont know how old he is, doesnt matter, its not how bi-lateral goes

09/05/2017 07:01:48 pm

and also
i think i just got banned cos someone got scared ... You know, blue, theres a difference between downloading music and STEALING it to pretend its yours and make money with it ?

09/05/2017 04:16:46 pm

"i could get used to this, distributed storage, no takedowns ... ask what you want , do it your way, +1 for the fatso xD you cant see it without accepted invite so sorry, i think thats a bad idea kimm-o , please consider

09/05/2017 04:01:24 pm
i see i see

well, it keeps saying invitation needed ... im not sure that is beneficial to getting people to check it out ...
but seeing as the partners go all the way from ez and rar to cnn and bloomberg it probably has an above average chance to succeed ... Would be nice if people could check content without being signed up , Kimmo

09/05/2017 02:33:09 pm
the more i think about it the better this sounds and looks, fatboy rich

mwell ...

09/05/2017 12:24:57 pm
it's the new style

"fress from p2p anarchist currency trader capitalist and most scorned and home invaded big boy :

its a demo ok, i dont really expect anyone to buy but i wont stop you ofcourse hahah
control your fucking content, be your own label, set your own price, fuck the man in the middle, way to go fatso, good to see your middle fingers in a cramp after what they did to you lol the world needs more rich fuckers to stand up against the fucking trollerists of today, them and the united lobbies is what makes the world a bad place and gives birth to kneejerk terrorism imo

09/05/2017 07:28:19 am
yes i get the hints

"yes i get the hints, always, no i dont take them, yes ive been there, yes i know how to, no it wont happen until im living in Asia with my cat, repeat until understood

09/04/2017 12:54:46 pm
getting worse again

"my eyes feel like dug into my sockets i wake up as if my heads been wrapped in moist sandpaper and my neck in a vise but today for some reason i dont wake up with lower backpain. The headache makes up for that

09/03/2017 05:46:09 pm
the rules ? its a game now ? right and wrong ? oh

"in hellgium you can get arrested for being drunk ... catholic democracy .. just for being drunk, no more reason is needed, in some places its settled with tax, no courtrooms needed either, after all, you can't dispute "tax" ... its 'the law' .. is that the rules?
your rules ? my rules ? their rules ? yesterdays rules seemed fine but you're working on tomorrow's rules. I hear in Vietnam the cops wont even stop if you lie sleeping drunk in a ditch, probably no money in it ... i hear once in singapore you could get corporal punishment for vandalism, trashing and graffiti tagging, i hear in certain places in africa women get beaten or jailed for showing their ankles. You didnt hear the part where if it doesnt get me to Asia with my cat i dont give a shit, and all the threats in the world arent enough since ive had too many ?
well, you still gonna have to fuck off. There's no love here, there will be none while im stuck here. I was doing fine, you put me here, i havent had a day of life since
so FUCK YOU, your van drukkerland, your flanders, your hellgium and your europe
fuck it, you and them,
if only i had a life ... i HAD a life, then you put me here ...
it's quiet today, abscence of war does not mean peace, i'll never be at ease here, EVER
so fuck you, it and them, goodnight

09/03/2017 12:24:24 pm
im starting to suspect

"global conspiracies to push me to hours of rising chickens to see what i do at normal people hours.
well, nothing ... i'm not normal, you made that clear since i was a kid, but not normal was only good as long as i was the shy A+grade kid hm ...
nothing, to be pushed to rising chicken hours means im even MORE tired than usual so i do even less
if thats the intention then there is a lot of nothing today and it succeeded whatever it was. Its sunday, i have no money to get anywhere i want to be and even if i did, theres no trains out of here on week-ends, this is krypton
the rest you can probably remember if you're not demented since i repeated it daily one or more times for the past 9-15 years

09/02/2017 11:54:44 pm
what is with this house and 9 o clock ?

"instead of sleeping i lie tossing around til 10, then wander aimlessly another hour, result : i'm tired and i achieved just as much. Not that i ever achieved anything in hell here. I hear drums in the deep. I think it comes from Magdaland again, two days in a row huh. Back-to-school-bonding process attempt?
doesnt matter, when she threatened me with the cops 30 years ago i said i wouldnt come back unless to piss on her fucking grave. And 30 years later YU-ON
told you im not good at letting go

09/02/2017 11:52:29 am

all dishes, laundry, cleaning downstairs done, bread baked, food cooked, no need for store
yet still it wakes me at nine, my eyes sore and now des noenens moet men eeten veronderstel ik
i have no use for daylight in this place.
chronic fatigue or nyctophilia ... i got it all from the infections, the chronic pain, the irritated lymph, red rash on my arms, itch on my legs but it seems to be not at night so i suppose its just me being lazy cos im a slob and all in my head cos it doesnt exist. I read the statistics and then i see hellgium I met only two people in my whole life who have been diagnosed with that and in my case it HAS to be lazy, what else could it be ofourse.
and still i have no use for daylight in this place. It's irritating, aggravating
psychosomatic symptoms of disgust perhaps? weariness and loathing?

09/02/2017 01:56:46 am
yea i notice

"its kinda hard not to and no thanks, i had my night of van drukkerland for the year
i just hope said drunk trespassers dont appear in my yard thinking they have something to proven, there's nothing here for me, and that place definitely not, but i will piss on Magdas grave, thats still a promise since she threatened me with police 30 years ago, fucking old nazibat, i hold those people personally partially responsible for the state of my life cos back then when i was 15, i could ask for revision all i wanted, the answer i got at home was "if they say so , you'll have done it"
end of discussion so pardon me for holding a grudge against yokel-land

09/02/2017 12:54:45 am

"the same old "waking me up at nine" even if i sleep at six (which is a good hour for me, it prevents most of the day, just has me taking more pills
its not very healthy to wake me up at you-time instead of me-time
but you already knew that, nazi-bat

09/02/2017 12:53:19 am
scared ...?

"do we have another demented misunderstanding there ? scared means "of being stuck here longer than i already am", scared means the cops make me feel less safe than any wannabes or inbreeds since im already guilty cos the past and inbreeds with cellphones can call at any time
THATS WHAT IT MEANS, the only things that scares me is me, scared of what i might do when i find some unidentified fuck in my garden at night, drunk or whatever and see it as a trespasser or burglag, scared that dog gets in once more and i beat it beyond repair cos my cat is there, scared of WHAT I MIGHT DO when one day comes and i realize even when i get out of hell i'll be too old to enjoy it... you got that all wrong again, i can feel you preparing yokelshit over it, save, you dont have to ruin my days, every day in this place is already ruined.

09/01/2017 08:18:25 pm
i have no ideas in this place

"there's nothing to market, this place is kryptonite, it keeps my mind in a loop, i have no ideas in this place, so you cant market them cos i havent had any, i havent put two pixels together or sliced a sample in half since i got back here. I have had NOTHING but my cats, and maslows foundation
this place is kryptonite ..
where did that come from ? i dont know but i felt today would end up lousy and IT DID
from whence the pressure came ? cos i didnt, i did everything i had to in order to stay frosty, go nowhere, dont get out, sleep at my hours and still i could feel it lurking and there it was there it was, and expect nothing cos there is nothing and YOU DONT GET TO EXPECT AFTER RUINING MY LIFE

09/01/2017 07:00:25 pm
oh, am i scaring the natives now?

"or its a setup again, to make me do my little dance?
see thats why i live at night in this hellhole, i hear that fucking shit piece of dog, i think he's in my garden AGAIN and gotta go check if i dont have to beat him out to protect my cat.
I hear noise up front, i think its el shitpantso and the 14year old gang AGAIN trying to prove they own the place with cellphones at the ready
i go outside i expect at any time some inbreed to call the cops for looking at a car
i dont feel safe here, and its certainly not the mafia scaring me
cos there aint none here
this fucking place, how the hell did it work out to smack me back here, keep me here, then tell me to move after ruining my life and keeping everything from me.
lucky i still have one cat, i just keep thinking that, i have no idea what i would do if i didnt have to think about him... and maybe i better dont say that, and i certainly dont wanna think about it
so this hard worker there, he pushed the word so many times i automatically get a nay-reaction when i hear it
your brainwashing techniques are clearly 1930s and aimed at plebs
and FUCK YOU and your little setups
i told you this day was going nowhere
i have become sapient-ophobic in this place, from social work to a-social, from agrade kid to criminal back to introvert ... as if i CHOSE to be a criminal, you made me a criminal... everything's too close here, no privacy, sapients everywhere ... 20 years ago i was thinkin scotland since it was the only place id been to that looked far and wide enough
now for a long long time
europe isnt far enough away from here so
since you interrupted me, and stuck me here
everyone's just gonna have to wait until i can get far enough away cos im clearly not going intermediary, living in a 2by3 in ratcity or squatcity again?
not happening
you shoulda let me do, i wouldnt be here ... blame anyone responsible, anyone who knew, and everyone who didnt say shit
and fuck off, all i have is angry and two middle fingers
and one cat left
well you dont get to say that cos you're the reason im stuck here and hard workers and dat was niet masjen
you DONT get to say that, no its not like that, there is NO reason why i wouldnt have succeeded in getting there, moving there and living there by now except your interference
so you dont get to say, want or expect SHIT
told you to leave me alone, told you this day was going nowhere

09/01/2017 06:19:03 pm
move ?

"that again ?
i'll move when i can move to Asia with my cats. If you didnt interrupt my life i wouldnt even be living here, so until then its getting along, there seems to be a minority who tries hard and a majority who lives their own lives, as people do
i'll try my utmost best not to get angry, but when people threaten me i can't guarantee that, and thats how it is, i dont know what the play is today, but its clearly a setup play
its stinks of retard

09/01/2017 04:11:45 pm
have you seen my phone just now? that's right

"ofcourse you havent. After a few days, just how it looks ?
it doesn look like showroom shine wrapped in a towel on the kitchen table but i guess all considered i'm almos honoured someone took the liberty of coming in the backdoor and putting it back ... leaves another question but mwell ... SO .. the first four post of september seem to have the usual positive tone this place inspires in me. Im gonna dig in here and come out as little as possible. Expand my contacts on the other side. I was hoping to get a bit more response from vietnam, thailand and south america as well but these things take time, right :) its not like im getting on facebook or anything. Getting people out of the blue is a careful and arduous process today. ICQ is long gone, isn't it, Mephy
japan? yea, sure but someone has to read my profile there and add me lol
and then some ...
so is this enough for the day cos today is going nowhere and im not gonna say much that i havent repeated 5000 times per day in the past ten years

09/01/2017 03:45:29 pm
it wasn't supposed to be like that

"yes but it is, yo masterplan-ass seems to work on the same statistics that tell suckers to use pivot points in forex trading because "over all the years it says most likely" regardless 10k other factors
MY LIFE IS FUCKED, today is going nowhere, just like 99.99% of all other days since here so can you leave me the fuck alone already
i think you're not just scaring the natives trying to poke me, but the other side of the planet too
today is nowhere, i hate this place, if i can't get to Asia with my cats its not worth the effort, you should have thought of that before you stuck me back here, knowing what was good for me, i think you know all the rest

09/01/2017 02:55:49 pm
challenge "the girl" ?

"what the fuck in a thousand you-things is that supposed to mean ?
its the first of a new month and already its pushing you-things while i'm still ME.
non-demented fucks would understand by now most of your you-things dont interest me and also don't hold leverage by guilt or fear on me, but pushing buttons where there are none leaves bruises and is aggravating.
so if you dont mind, i could repeat myself but its nothing new, you just keep adding to it, after which i repeat the same shit, but including more retards
so if you don't mind, i got some cleaning and some food to cook, then im gonna sleep til dark then its saturday and thats gonna be
just another day lost in van drukkerland
don't bother unless it gets me to asia with my cats

09/01/2017 03:23:43 am
a new month in an old place

"30 days of the usual shyte or 30 days of worse than usual shyte ? what should we expect?
don't care ... its not the time of day to start repeating myself already either so
or maybe, so ?
what to expect ? more tjoeppeflikenbak ? zotuis pas mor op or else ? for looking at a car? 101 barz and a little dance, im so cool with all my friends (but i shit my pants in the dark alone) ... kill you ? sure, didnt have time today then?
barking up the wrong cat who can hold a grudge for 20 years or longer still seems like a bad idea to me. I got no money and i got nothing by my last cat and two middle fingers since this shithole already took everything from me so if im really all that crazy, shouldnt you be more careful?
fuck off, little bitch, big bitch, fat bitch, nazi bitch, hippie bitch, legal bitch, flanders bitch, belgium bitch, eruope bitch ... i can do without your bullshit, welcome to september, same shit different month, anothe month of life lost in van drukkerland
and whatever it is you think you're gonna try AGAIN, FUCK YOU and save yourself the fucking time and effort, if i cant get to asia with my cats, nothings worth the effort
if you had anything to do with it, watch your back in dark places ,
hi there, how are we today?

08/31/2017 02:02:37 pm
no, no, no and no

"until im living in Asia with my cats , o wait cat, this hellhole cost me another one, theres only one left
after that? i dont know but i wouldnt trust me anymore, especially in dark places