11/22/2017 12:44:23 pm
well fuck you, Bill

"this is not America

11/22/2017 07:34:07 am
ah yes sure ofcourse, i "pretend"

"i pretend to be in pain ... for fun ofcourse, and to get sympathy of people i never see or talk to
how should i describe this ... mh its like someone blew a hair dryer at my pinned open eyes all night, then went over my face with sandpaper, meanwhile there's like an obese american sitting on top of my head on top of a pincushian with extremely long needles sticking all through my head into my neck and shoulders
but that's just the topside
for fun
want dat was niet masjen
no , but today is exTREEMMEE

11/21/2017 01:38:39 pm
so now its gonna try and take all the faces

"of everything i mentioned, trying to use them as if they have leverage
as if i'm normal with normal buttons, or buttons at all in places that are pushable
trying to MAKE me normal
cos that's all it knows
poor vampire
i am the cat of shadows
you will never understand me

11/21/2017 08:35:04 am
wut ? its a GREAT idea

"you give me one BTC for one game a year ...
then the rights are yours and i can be off the dole (IF I CHOOSE TO DO SO)
wether you make it worth more than what that 1BTC cost you is no longer my problem since i start on the next one
if you give me 2 BTC i might actually start thinking business cos i got something to invest, im used to 400andthensome a month anyway ... its not living, its not life but its what i ahve SO
there's another option for you to discard
lobotomie en masjn! vur de pesjoenkas ! van die zjiekers die mij giejel mij leiven tegegougen emmen
kindj ammol de pot op jong
its not a negotiation ... its an option
how many have i given you by now over all these years ?
stupid motherfucking retard asshole legalist suit

11/21/2017 07:52:36 am
maar dat was niet masjen voor een ander en veel nijger and thats not how its done

"yea, but you are way better at digging gaping holes and creating terrorists than coming up with stuff that would actually work
all in the name of BUT THATS NOT HOW ITS DONE

11/21/2017 07:36:37 am
mijn oeër af en go masjen ? weeral ?

"what makes you think i'm even capable?
how many options have i given "a fuck" and you since i dragged my ass out of that pit after jail ?
worked HARD according to Garp ... found out the more i did the more fines kept coming ... so spent SIX YEARS under lawyer supervision having NOTHING cos YOU FUCKED ME OVER
went back to school
have about hundreds of applications ... no one gave me when i needed it ... i coulda been callcentering from home for Truchot but his bitches kept me hanging .. not three weeks but three months, you had your option RIGHT FUCKING THERE


mijn oeër af en go masjen ? sebiet ewa klasjn
op a gore bakkes asker ni me stopt
i'll give you another option ... i'll sell you the rights to my game for 1 BTC
lets not say 'sell' lets say 'trade' ... 1 BTC fluctuates around what i get yearly now to about 25% above to 50% tops
i can't make money selling it .. that would be ILLEGAL IN BELGIUM (lol) .. yes it would, you can check that, selling my game aka making money would be illegal
trading it for 1BTC would not, i would not need a business license ... i would not need umpteen weeks of schooling for zip and bullshit i would not need any permits i would not need ANY
THING but my brain and these computers
so there you have another option
and i urge you to FUCK OFF AND SHUT UP
unless you have my money
every cent i didnt make since the day your tjoeppensquad stuck me back here in hickville
do you have it ?
no ? then there's nothing to discuss ... the way to fuck off is THAT WAY
THERE, where i am not

11/21/2017 06:45:39 am
god bless the models !

"(its a zeromancer song ...)
i still have no idea why suddenly the textures apply in the right places
but they do so i have about all models for the houses unless i pick 2 scare bungalows extra BUT
all will depend on framerate ... now i can check some lua for gameplay, mish-mash the terrain into shape edit texture here texture there, add windows .. that shouldnt make 1 iota difference ... if the framerate is high i can add more detail to the houses, if not then not :)

11/20/2017 07:59:11 am

"i dont know ... cos im in the zone and i feel good doing it NOW
i know you dont understand cos yahoo and ibm want you to do it from 9 to 5
that would never work for me but well
i'm an unemployed ex-con with no official degrees who is clearly unfit for an open office space and makes burnmarks in the hallway at the sound of team(-something) and FUN AFTER HOURS (as organized by)
so well, WHAT ?
WHAT ? Truchot, your callcenter is a bitch
i could have done this from home and everyone would have left me alone
you a fucking bitch
and your bitches still use FUCKING FLYERS SAYING THEY ARE PART OF AEGIS DENTSU on the introduction session
stupid fucking french bitch
wasted my time for three months on dopamine promise, good thing i got four day of venice out of it

11/20/2017 06:22:29 am
you did it again didnt you

"meddled with my fuckin day ?
so im doing nothing, i SWEAR the very moment i do a little better i dump that bank like a pile of horse shit
its been two hours and the money's not in the atm ... its not even from a savings account, its from one debet to another
YOU HAD SOME SNOOD PLAN VAN DRUKKERLAND AGAIN DIDNT YOU? im 44 ... if you would have let me do i would be living in Asia

11/20/2017 01:23:21 am
yah i hurrd, the sirens and stuff, the threats

"you know , the repeating pattern like wedneday, friday sunday ... its SO old, you gotta be a fucking demented nazi to keep that up ... what was that ? confiscate my 120 euro webserver with pictures of my cats and daily cooking and cleaning on it?
is that the new threat ?
and you think thats gonna make me "better" ?
I HATE THIS FUCKING TOWN SINCE I WAS FIFTEEN, whoever put me here is responsible, NOTHING will get better as long as im stuck in belgium, FUCK YOU

11/19/2017 06:35:30 pm
yea, i know, and its sunday too

"you coulda let me sleep a little longer, i feel like shit now
yea i know what i'm saying ... en dan sla ik met die helm
op die gore negerbakkes want die neger zegt dan toch
dat ik het toch al heb gedaan
en opa kan niet rappen maar zal je op je smoel klappen, youtube gangster
no man, don't you see ...its THEM who is scared ... THEY gang up in uniformed packs , with guns, avoiding responsibility by simply obeying what someone else writes on paper ... its THEM who are scared, if you cant see that you're even MORE stupid than i thought
the protection of the group ? yea it IS and you know it, and they'll never be my friend after the treatment i got ...
but neither will you, i HATE this fucking place since i was 15 ... do you have my money bitch, every cent i didnt make since the day you stuck me back here?
plus intrest
so i can leave and move to asia with my cats
before its too late and theres nothing left
but revenge